2022 China Xinjiang – RCEP Member States High-Quality Agricultural Products Cloud Matchmaking Meeting Was Successfully Held

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On the morning of June 30, the China Xinjiang-RCEP Member State High-quality Agricultural Products Cloud Matchmaking Conference was successfully held in Urumqi. This cloud matchmaking meeting is an important measure taken by the Department of Commerce to implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the Tenth Session of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, to promote the steady development of foreign trade and foreign investment in the autonomous region, and the deployment of a teleconference to help enterprises overcome the epidemic and expand the market to maintain orders.

The effective implementation of RCEP is the largest opening since China’s accession to the WTO, which is of great significance for our region to optimize the layout of the international market, expand the scale of imports and exports, and improve the level of trade facilitation. The event was conducted in the form of live video. Representatives from more than 130 business associations and enterprises from Xinjiang and the 14 member states of the RCEP Agreement focused on high-quality agricultural products, To improve the trade level of agricultural products, promote complementary advantages, help green development and other fields to conduct negotiation and exchanges, and discuss mutual benefit and win-win results. According to Ilhan Osman, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Department of Commerce of the Autonomous Region, in 2021, Xinjiang’s imports and exports to Vietnam will increase by 108.9% year-on-year, and imports and exports to South Korea, the Philippines and New Zealand will all show double-digit growth. Xinjiang’s import and export volume of agricultural products to RCEP member countries was 2.14 billion yuan, accounting for 20.1% of Xinjiang’s total trade with RCEP member countries, of which agricultural product imports and exports accounted for 38.3% and 14.3% of total imports and exports respectively. The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of the Autonomous Region and Urumqi Customs made public presentations on the characteristics of Xinjiang’s agricultural product market, tariff reduction and exemption, and countermeasures and suggestions for agricultural product trade. Gulinu Abdurezak, the first-level inspector of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Autonomous Region, said that RCEP member countries are important agricultural trading partners of Xinjiang, Indonesia ranks second among the importers of agricultural products in Xinjiang, and Thailand ranks as the exporter of agricultural products in Xinjiang. the third. Xinjiang and other countries not only have a good foundation in agricultural product trade, but also continue to expand their cooperation in areas such as food security, agricultural investment, agricultural science and technology cooperation and talent exchange.

This event aims to organize enterprises to negotiate through the “cloud”, make full use of the RCEP policy dividends, make full use of the cumulative rules of origin, superimpose opportunities such as open access to the agricultural product market, maximize the effectiveness of the agreement, and promote the supply of industrial chains in the region The chain cooperation has been upgraded, and the economic and trade cooperation between Xinjiang and RCEP member countries in agricultural products has been pragmatically promoted. Three Chinese companies including Xinjiang Herun Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Zhongke Seabuckthorn Technology Co., Ltd., and Kashi Jianguoguo Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. gave presentations respectively. After the meeting, according to the matching of supply and demand of Chinese and foreign enterprises, the enterprises continued to conduct one-to-one online communication, and the service units strengthened the documentary operation services, digged into new growth points of cooperation, broadened product sales channels, and pragmatically promoted exchanges and cooperation between bilateral enterprises.

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