Calcium HMB

Calcium HMB

Product Name:Calcium HMB
Synonyms: HMBCa; Calcium HMB; 
Calcium b-hydroxy-b-methylbutyrate; 
Calcium b-hydroxy-b-methyl-butyrate; 
b-Hydroxy-b-methylbutyrate calcium salt 
Specification:Calcium HMB 98%
Grade:Food Grade
Usage:Used For Sport Supplement
Shelf life:12 Months When Stored Properly.
Storage:Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation.

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Calcium HMB,short for calcium beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, as a dietary supplement, may affect protein synthesis. During resistance training, calcium beta-HMB has been reported to reduce muscle catabolism, promote fat loss, increase strength and fat-free mass in athletic and nonathletic populations

Calcium -hydroxy–methylbutyrate or calcium HMB is a nutritional supplement, which represents a calcium salt of beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB). The latter is a leucine metabolite produced in the body through oxidation of the ketoacid of leucine (ketoisocaproate, KIC). Because leucine plays an important regulatory role in protein metabolism and due to the conversion of leucine to KIC, several researchers [have presumed that KIC was the active ingredient responsible for most of the beneficial effects of leucine on protein metabolism.

HMB Ca 1


1. HMB calcium is a kind of human body’s basic metabolic products which slightly contains the branched chain amino acid. It plays an important role in the protein synthesis of muscle tissue, can promote the muscle cell to grow, improve the italic to organize.
2. HMB Calcium is a kind of new-type synthetic metabolic nutrition pharmaceutical for the person who carry on high strength sports, the HMB calcium can reduce human fat, reduce the consumption of the muscle protein
3. HMB Calcium help the muscle to recover and reduce the effect of the muscle unjury caused by overfatigue, can improve the exercise intensity and endurance.
3. HMB calcium is that a kind of very strong immunity stimulated agent, can strengthen human body’s immune function, lower the blood cholesterol, can reduce the disease, prevent ageing, build up health and improve life quality.


1. Applied in health product field
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field
3. Applied in beverage field



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