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Quality Control System of Haiyan

All of our ingredients are manufactured under certified factory, and it is under quality management beginning from plant seeds selection, cultivation, harvest, and manufacturer.

Our Purchasing Department has a strict supplier audit to ensure that all the products are compliance-oriented regulations for manufacturing, Purchasing, and quality control.

Our QC team will follow a strict supplier qualification program to locate the best collaborating herbal material manufacturers with quality system certificated compliance.

Our Team is equipped with knowledge including, but not limited to the herbs and herbal active ingredients.

Certificate of Analysis, MSDS, Allergen Statement, Non-Irradiation/ETO statement, Non-GMO Statement, Nutritional Information, Further Third-party Testing Report, Kosher Certificate, Halal Certificate, Organic Certificate will also be provided by your requirement.

We have over 10 manufacture partners for ready stock natural ingredients and our procurement policy can ensure that your demand can be met at any time, and it can also ensure that the quality of the samples you get matches the final product you receive.

Haiyan also can help partners from all over the world find manufacturing plants with GMP certificate qualifications in the China for finished product processing, related details negotiation, sales and import and export services.

We not only provide stocked standard products, but also supports customized orders by your requirement.

If you are looking for some natural ingredients not on the list, please feel free to let us know, and usually we can help you find the ingredients in China.

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