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Quality assurance of Haiyan

For thousands of years, herbs have been used, studied, and celebrated for their therapeutic properties.

Scienceherb’s top priority is ensuring the safety of our herbal products. Herbs and Herbal Extracts’ Quality Standards including: the herb’s exterior, color and grain, taste, odor, mesh size, density, solubility, qualitative and quantitative analysis for bioactive components/maker compounds, loss on drying, residue on ignition, heavy metal, pesticide residue, microbiological analysis, identification for possible adulteration content, etc. In order to comply with that strict quality standard, Scienceherb set up Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) at each stage. Only batches that passed through our rigorous testing standards and inspection processes can be released.

Scienceherb focusing on the manufacture and production of plant herbal extract raw materials. Combined with our research results on plant functions, we provide high-quality all-natural raw materials and application solutions for the nutrition and health, dietary supplement, and personal care industries.